Plastic Beauty Surgery
Plastic Beauty Surgery



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Breast augmentation
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Breast reduction
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Upper and lower eyelid surgery
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Outer nose surgery
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Plastic Beauty Surgery

Aesthetic and plastic surgery has become a common matter nowadays. Even if in the past it was a privilege of the celebrities, today a number of us undergo plastic surgery so as to increase our self-confidence and mental comfort.

Our team of surgeons performing plastic and aesthetic surgery has rich experience and practice in Slovakia and abroad, too. They work in the most prestigious plastic surgery clinic in Slovakia.

We aim at full satisfaction of our clients. Our professional service, cosy atmosphere of our clinic and maximal level of discretion are our guaranties of this objective.

Direct on-line communication between the client and his plastic surgeon through web cam contributes to client's full satisfaction as well. In this way a potential client can learn about the most suitable solution to his problem before his actual arrival to Slovakia.

Information on prices

The price of individual procedures depends on difficulty, length of the selected technique, material and equipment used.

The particular definite price can be calculated only pursuant to professional consultation with the surgeon and pursuant to evaluation of individual requirements of the client.

The most frequent procedures

There are several surgical options. It is of extraordinary significance to engage in pre-surgery planning and to choose the suitable size and shape of the implant that shall enhance the overall bustline.

The surgeon's high level of expertise and experience play a key role in a correct decision about the extent of reduction and breast sculpture form. The final results are worth it…

Liposuction is not a method to take off weight! It is a suitable surgical procedure to remove fat from such areas where we are not able to get rid of it, thus sculpting the figure in a desirable way (in both women and men)! Using vibration cannulas, the total surgery and recovery time is reduced!

Outer nose surgery (RHINOPLASTY)
Complex plastic surgery with major effect. The three-dimensional nose dominates the face, its location, size, shape and proportion to other parts of the face are very specific.

Upper and lower eyelid surgery (BLEPHAROPLASTY)
One of the first facial surgery procedures to hide the traces of time, rejuvenate the look of the eyes, remove their tiredness and first lines.

Aesthetic and plastic surgery
* broad range of treatment and surgical procedures
* safer, easier, more efficient

What to do with a protruding abdomen? In both women and men, surgery is the answer! During the surgery, excess skin and fat are removed, and the front side of the abdomen together with the navel are sculpted. The operation, besides others, significantly enhances life quality, bringing a new body posture, enabling to pursue sports, etc…

A one-day laser treatment of varicose veins (VARICOSE VEINS)
The EVLT (endo venous laser treatment) method is a new, less invasive approach to treatment of lower leg varices. The surgery is performed in local anaesthesia. A laser beam is used to remove surface veins, and patients are released to home care shortly after the procedure.

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